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Is Street Wear Becoming Everyday Wear?

Street wear has grown in popularity among the younger age groups in the past decade. The more you look around the more you begin to see that street wear is becoming a universally worn style. You can walk on a college campus or on the streets of New York and you will be sure to see someone wearing a pair of jogger pants and a hoodie with a fresh pair of Nikes to match. With the streetstyle becoming so popular one must wonder “When is it appropriate to wear this kind of clothing and why?” The answer is actually more interesting than you would think.             It’s a common misconception that anything associated with the streets must be dirty and...

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A Friend In The Fashion Industry

Have you ever had trouble picking out what clothes to wear? Maybe even worried that your clothes don’t match. Well rest assured Zeeq Label will have the answers to all of your fashion questions. At this point you probably haven’t heard of us but there will be plenty of time to get to know us. Zeeq Label Apparel is a Singapore based fashion company that is looking to revolutionize the industry by making style accessible to the entire world. It’s a common misconception that good style comes with a hefty price tag and a complex road map to properly navigate through all the fashion strategies when that is no longer the case. Once upon a time the only people who...

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